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An eco-friendly, odorless product based on ecological acrylic resins that give painted surfaces a metallic gloss. Includes a brush

  • Convenient packaging
  • Resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, and abrasion
  • Fast-drying


MarkerMIX is used for decoration or renovation on surfaces such as stone, metal, glass, wood, styrofoam, and paper. Excellent for renovating gravestone letters, holiday decorations, glass embellishment, frame restoration, and many other applications.

The marker’s design allows for the use of 2 tips. For precise application on details, use the regular marker tip. After unscrewing the cap, you can use the brush tip for broader lines. Squeeze the bottle gently while drawing.

The design of the marker allows you to use 2 tips. If you need precise application of details, use a normal marker tip. After unscrewing the cap, you can use a brush to create a thicker line. Squeeze the bottle lightly while drawing.


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