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Glamour Effect Glaze is a transparent, single-component varnish ensuring high-quality coatings resistant to abrasion and dirt. The product is based on high-quality synthetic resins, waxes, rheological agents, and modifiers.

Two types of Glaze are available: gloss and matte.

Glamour Effect Glaze can serve as a standalone finishing layer for walls and ceilings, as well as a base for achieving extraordinary decorative effects by adding Glamour Effect Moon Dust glitter, Glamour Effect Metallic Gloss paste, or MIX pigment to it.

  • decorative finishing coat
  • gives the interior a unique appearance
  • easy to use


Glamour Effect Glaze  is designed to achieve original decorative effects indoors on surfaces previously painted with white or colored paints. It enhances the depth and saturation of the color, providing a matte or glossy finish. It not only ensures exceptional decorative effects but also protects against dirt and provides resistance to washing and scrubbing. Glamour Effect Glaze is particularly recommended for painting areas prone to frequent dirt (such as hallways, kitchens, children’s rooms, and stairwells). It also works excellently for painting paneling.

Glamour Effect Glaze is a key component in creating various effects using Glamour Effect products – Moon Dust glitter and Metallic Gloss metallic pastes. Additionally, Glamour Effect Glaze can be tinted to achieve different shades using the Pigment MIX concentrate. Decorative effects depend on the creativity of the decorator and the tools used.

Surface Preparation:

The surface where Glamour Effect Glaze will be applied should be clean and degreased. The best results are achieved on freshly painted surfaces with an appropriate color for walls or ceilings. For paneling painted with phthalic enamel, prime with an appropriate bonding primer. Before use, thoroughly mix Glamour Effect Glaze

Application Method:

Apply a thin layer onto the previously painted surface of the appropriate color. Depending on the desired effect, you can apply using a brush, roller, sponge (dabbing or rubbing), or trowel.

Recommended number of coats is 1-2. The second coat can be applied after approximately 2 hours. Applying Glamour Effect Glaze should be done in one go over the entire surface, as any dried edges cannot be blended. Avoid making spot touch-ups on the varnish surface, as this may cause differences in gloss. After drying, the varnish may intensify the hue of the underlying surface.

The product in the package has a milky-white color, which turns transparent upon drying.


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