Enterprise solutions

Water Pastes (ICS)

for dispensers and water systems

Colorant Mix

for coloring household and automotive chemicals


safe coloring of children's products

A Trusted Partner

Innovation is our middle name – we understand the changing needs of our business partners and strive to provide them with advanced solutions based on the latest technologies.

Extensive know-how, one of the key benefits of collaborating with our team, forms a solid foundation for our relationships.

Experienced experts offer their support in professional consulting: from completing assigned tasks and selecting optimal products to consulting on their usage.

Our professional laboratory, equipped with technologically advanced machinery, is undoubtedly our advantage, allowing us to meet the diverse expectations of the dynamic market.

We provide comprehensive solutions – from producing custom-branded products, coloring them, formulating colors, and developing color samples, to standardizing pigments and dyes in liquid form.

Our own Quality Control Department oversees the production process to consistently deliver products with stable, repeatable colors and unchanging high quality.

Aware of how valuable our business partners’ time is, we offer support in designing packaging and labels, as well as in packaging, repackaging, and delivering to the warehouse!

Who Do We Target with Our Offer?

Dedicated solutions

Specific needs requiring a dedicated approach and development of custom products.







Our Certifications

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Shared passion gives strength

Operating in the building chemistry products industry for 35 years, we understand that not everything always goes according to plan during work.

However, experience has allowed us to find a way to be a supportive partner to our clients even in such moments.

Inchem Polonia combines expert knowledge, professionalism, and laboratory work where tailored solutions are created to meet specific needs.

Cooperation - Step by Step

Detailed understanding of customer needs.

Product preparation.

Selection of packaging.

Support in project and label design.

Preparation of necessary technical documentation.

Quality control at every stage of production.

Packaging of the product and delivery of the finished product to the customer’s warehouse.

Technical support at every stage of cooperation.

Comprehensive solutions: production under the customer’s brand, coloring, formulation, and development of color charts.

Openness and flexibility in meeting customer needs.

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