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Yacht varnish JDO

Yacht varnish  is an excellent choice for those seeking effective protection and a superb finish for yacht surfaces and elements exposed to water or sunlight. This two-component varnish with a semi-matte finish not only provides an attractive appearance but also offers solid protection against external factors.

Once cured, it forms a hard and flexible coating that effectively protects the surface from mechanical damage, including scratches, scuffs, and cracks. Additionally, thanks to its exceptional resistance to both fresh and salt water, the varnish performs excellently even in extreme conditions.

  • Finish: Two-component varnish with a satin sheen (“semi-matte”).
  • Protection: Provides protection against atmospheric factors
  • Durability: Offers hard and effective protection against scratches, scuffs, and cracks.
  • Water Resistance: Exceptional resistance to both fresh and salt water.
  • Adhesion: Adheres excellently to epoxy surfaces.


Application Areas:

  • Yacht Equipment: Ideal for wooden yacht fittings.
  • Garden Structures: Suitable for small garden architecture such as gazebos, garden furniture, and wooden fences.
  • Building Elements: Perfect for balustrades, window frames, and wooden floors.
  • Final Layer: Works well as the final protective layer on epoxy surfaces or other well-adhering two-component substrates.

Immediately before varnishing, add component B to component A and mix thoroughly until a uniform mixture is obtained. Note: Use the prepared varnish (mixed components A+B) within 2 hours.

Apply the first coat of varnish to the previously prepared surface using a roller designed for varnishes, spreading it evenly until a uniform layer is achieved, and wait for the coating to dry.

The drying (curing) time of the coating is approximately 8 hours and depends on the conditions at the application site (temperature and humidity).

After the first coat has dried, apply the next coat of varnish in the same manner. Note: Prepare a new batch of varnish (components A+B) for the next coat.

A third coat of varnish is recommended for surfaces particularly exposed to water and weather conditions.


Up to 12 m² per liter, depending on the type of substrate and method of application. The coverage is given for one coat.

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