A single-component product in a bottle providing reliable protection against stains such as oils, fats, coffee, and tea.

The product bonds with the impregnated surface and prevents moisture absorption, thus preventing mold growth and mineral deposits.

Creates an invisible barrier without altering the color of the impregnated surface.

Does not contain silicones, allowing joints to “breathe.”

The included brush ensures convenient application of the product.

  • invisible barrier
  • easy application
  • does not change the color of grout

An impregnator designed to protect cementitious grout used between glazed tiles and terracotta in kitchens, bathrooms, pools, etc. It works excellently as an impregnator for tiles with high absorbency (unglazed ceramic, stone, and cement tiles), paving stones, bricks, granite, and other natural stones.

  • Wash, degrease and dry the surface
  • Apply Lamix on the grout with a brush
  • Wait 60 minutes
  • Apply second layer of Lamix
  • Remove excessive preparation using a damp cloth
  • The surface is ready to use after 4h

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