A single-component preparation in a bottle or canister ensuring proper priming of surfaces before painting or plastering.

The product is based on fine-particle synthetic resins and modifying agents.

Its composition allows the emulsion to penetrate deep into the primed surface, strengthening it and reducing its absorbency.

Surfaces treated with the primer have better adhesion for paints and plasters.

  • Reduces surface absorbency
  • Decreases paint consumption
  • Strengthens the substrate

Ideal for use under paint tinted with Pigment MIX concentrate


Grunt MIX is designed for priming raw construction substrates (concrete, cement, cement-lime, gypsum) as well as older surfaces previously painted that have lost their properties over time. It is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems and suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

When tinted with one of our proprietary pigments, Grunt MIX facilitates even distribution of the primer. It is suitable under all water-based facade paints and acrylic plasters tinted with MIX-BUD max pigments, as well as interior paints.

Surface Preparation:

The surface should be dry, free of cracks, cleaned of dust, grease spots, and old flaking paint coatings. New plasters should be seasoned for 3-4 weeks. Moldy rooms should be mechanically cleaned and disinfected with a fungicidal impregnator, while also addressing the root cause of mold growth.

Application Method:

The primer emulsion should not be diluted. For priming gypsum substrates, it is recommended to mix the primer with paint at a 1:1 ratio. When tinting with pigments, add the appropriate amount of Pigment MIX or MIX-BUD max and mix thoroughly just before use. To minimize color bleed-through, tint the primer to match the wall color. Maximum pigment addition to the primer: Pigment MIX – 8%, MIX-BUD max – 5%.

Grunt MIX can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray method. Usually, a single coat is sufficient, but highly absorbent surfaces may require two coats. However, it is not recommended to apply two coats of primer under self-leveling floors.

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