Grout renovator

A white, one-component preparation in a bottle with an applicator that guarantees high-quality coatings.

A product based on synthetic resins, titanium white, fillers and modifying agents.

The raw material composition ensures a coating with high covering power, a high degree of whiteness and good adhesion to painted surfaces.

Grouts painted with a renovator are highly resistant to abrasion and washing with detergents.

The bottle with an applicator ensures convenient use of the product, and the included sponge perfectly removes excess product from the tiles.


Preparation for renewing cement joints made between glazed tiles, terracotta, and mosaics. Do not use on clinker and unglazed stoneware. Suitable for use on vertical surfaces inside and outside buildings. Mixes perfectly with Pigment MIX pigments, allowing you to easily recreate the existing color of the grout or change its shade or color. Color selection is made easier by the approximate pattern on the packaging. You can also create your own colors by mixing pigments.

Substrate Preparation:

Wash and degrease the surface of the grout to be renovated, especially in kitchen areas. After using cleaning products, rinse the surface with clean water and allow it to dry completely.

Application Method:

When dyeing with the Pigment MIX concentrate, it is recommended to dose the pigment using the attached applicator. The recommended maximum pigment addition is 10 ml. Mix well by shaking the bottle for about 1 minute until a uniform color is obtained.

To renew white grout, use the ready-made preparation. Shake the bottle, then place the sponge attachment on the grout and press lightly. Before starting, perform a test on a small, smooth, and clean surface. Apply the preparation to the grout over an area of approximately 1 m², leave for about 30 minutes, then wipe off the excess from the tiles with the rough side of the sponge included in the set. Exceeding the recommended time may cause difficulties in removing the preparation. Drying time is approximately 2 hours, and the product achieves full hardness after 48 hours..

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