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LakierMIX for concrete, microcement and porous surfaces

  • excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • protection against moisture and dirt
  • protects and facilitates cleaning water-soluble


LakierMIX for concrete can be used both indoors and outdoors. The product is colorless, two-component, to be diluted with water. Thanks to high resistance to water, oil and chemicals, heavy dirt is easy to remove and the surface is waterproof. The offer includes gloss, matte and satin varnish

Dedicated to protecting heavily used new and renovated concrete surfaces, walls, microcement, floors, large-area floors, concrete and cement screeds, polished and painted surfaces with epoxy paint and porous surfaces, such as unpolished stones, clinkers, bricks.
Examples of places where the product can be used:
  • Utility rooms, garages and basements
  • Industrial and public facilities
  • Private buildings
  • Commercial and storage rooms
  • Service workshops
  • Communication routes, stairs, halls, corridors
  • Intensively used places

Substrate preparation:

The surface should be leveled, degreased, removed from any dirt and thoroughly vacuumed and dusted using hand or mechanical tools.

Application method:

Immediately before use, mix the product well until a homogeneous mass is obtained, first adding component B to component A. Apply the first layer of varnish onto the previously prepared surface using a roller dedicated to varnishes.
Allow to dry. It is recommended to apply two layers. The second layer should be applied after approximately 8 hours. Full properties obtained after approximately 24 hours. Humidity and ambient temperature influence the drying time. The total strength of the surface covered with varnish is achieved after 7 days.

Note: the finished varnish should be used within no longer than 2 hours.


10-12 m2 per liter of mixture with one painting

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