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IMPREGNATION for stone tombstones

  • Invisible protection
  • Easy application
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Maintains the natural color of the substrate


IMPREGNATE for stone tombstones is an aqueous solution based on innovative fluoropolymer technology. It is a formula without organic solvents, which makes it safe for both the user and the environment


Securing tombstones made of various materials, such as granite, marble, terrazzo and other stones.

Protection against external factors: protects tombstones against rain, frost, moss and other harmful weather factors, which helps preserve their appearance and durability for longer.

Maintaining a natural appearance: it does not change the natural appearance of the stone, thanks to which the tombstones retain their original aesthetics.

The surface to be impregnated should be dry, clean and degreased.

Before impregnation, it is necessary to remove all dirt, greasy stains, blooms and efflorescence. Mix the product thoroughly immediately before impregnation. Do not dilute.
Always perform a test on the substrate.
The substrate should be impregnated using a brush, roller or spray until saturated by applying one or two layers using the “wet on wet” method.

Do not apply excessive amounts of the preparation to the substrate, remove the excessive amount before it dries. On vertical surfaces, apply from bottom to top. The drying time is approximately 4 hours and depends on the conditions at the place of application (temperature and humidity).

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