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Pigment MIX

Pigment MIX is a universal pigment concentrate in the form of an aqueous dispersion of pigments, with the addition of dispersing-wetting agents and viscosity regulators. Pigment MIX concentrate does not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs).

The auxiliary agents used ensure that Pigment MIX concentrate disperses perfectly in water-based and most solvent-based systems. Pigment MIX concentrates guarantee consistent and economical solutions. To ensure color accuracy and repeatability, each Pigment MIX concentrate is tested in our Quality Control Laboratory. Parameters such as density, viscosity, pH, hue, and color strength are tested.

  • for water-based and solvent-based paints
  • durable
  • efficient
  • ecological
  • lightproof


Pigment MIX universal pigment concentrate is intended for coloring ready-made commercial paints, enamels and varnishes for indoor and outdoor use (see color chart).

The main application is the coloring of water-soluble dispersion paints (acrylic, latex, emulsion, chalk).

The carefully selected composition of Pigment MIX concentrates also ensures the ability to color most solvent-based paints and enamels: alkyd (phthalic, oil-phthalic), chlorinated rubber, nitrocellulose.

Pigment MIX can also be used for coloring: water-soluble and some solvent-based clear varnishes, whole plaster, raw wood and unglazed ceramics.

Pigment MIX concentrate is compatible with our other products: GRUNT MIX – priming preparation, GLAMOR EFFECT – Glaze.

Pigment MIX concentrate must be thoroughly mixed before use. Any delamination is not a product defect. A dyeing test should be performed on a small amount of paint or varnish to check the mutual compatibility of the products and determine the appropriate proportion.

Measure or weigh the necessary amount of concentrate and slowly pour it into the colored product, mixing thoroughly manually or mechanically until a uniform color is obtained. When mixing, avoid excessive foaming, which may impair application properties.


It is recommended to add a maximum of 10% Pigment MIX concentrate to the total weight of the finished product. We recommend testing the coloring of solvent-based products because in some cases, incompatibilities may occur.

The colors obtained depend on the type and quality of the dyed product. The final color may also be influenced by: absorbency, type and structure of the substrate, ambient and lighting conditions.

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