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Epoxy Paint MIX

Epoxy Paint MIX consists of two components: A and B, which, when mixed and applied to the surface, create a durable coating resistant to dirt and damage, with excellent adhesion to the substrate. It has the highest hardness parameters, resistance to scrubbing, and mechanical damage. It provides chemical resistance to the substrate.


Epoxy Paint MIX is recommended for protecting floors in areas with increased mechanical load – pedestrian traffic, roads for vehicles and forklifts (vehicles with tires), e.g., basements, garages, corridors in parking lots, halls, warehouses, technical rooms, and all heavily used spaces. Due to its vapor permeable properties, Epoxy Paint MIX is also suitable for protective and decorative painting of walls and ceilings in high humidity environments. It is ideal for painting concrete, self-leveling screeds, renders, and other substrates (floors and walls) exposed to mechanical damage, difficult-to-remove dirt, or moisture.


  • Wear-resistant
  • Water-based
  • Durable, self-hardening
  • Vapor permeable

Surface Preparation:

Apply the paint only on clean, seasoned surfaces free from old coatings, dust, and oily stains. Fill and level any defects. It is recommended to prime the substrate. Prime using Epoxy Paint MIX diluted with a maximum of 20% water.

Preparing Epoxy Paint MIX for Application:

Combine Component A and Component B. Before mixing, thoroughly stir each component. Add Component B to Component A and mix until fully combined and a uniform consistency is achieved, using a hand or mechanical mixer. After mixing, let the Epoxy Paint MIX stand for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, mix again. The paint is now ready for application.

Application Method:

During application, wear gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing. Apply using a brush or roller. Apply the first coat of paint onto the cured primer layer after approximately 12 hours. Applying two protective coats is permissible.
For each coat of Epoxy Paint MIX, use a new batch of freshly prepared paint. Do not dilute the paint with water. Conduct painting work in temperatures ranging from +10°C to +30°C and humidity below 80%. Drying time depends on temperature and humidity.
The painted floor can be used after 24 hours. The coating achieves full hardness after 7 days.


Depending on the application method, type, and absorbency of the substrate, coverage ranges from 3 m² to 6 m² per kg.

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