CONCRETE-FLOOR Paint is a water-based acrylic paint with a matte finish.

Designed for painting floors and other concrete surfaces.

Its modern formula provides full coverage and adhesion to the substrate. The paint protects and decorates, creating coatings resistant to weather conditions and dirt.

The product is environmentally friendly and completely safe for the surroundings. Suitable for both exterior and interior applications in areas with moderate pedestrian or wheeled traffic.

  • single-component
  • decoration and protection
  • excellent coverage
  • resistant
  • ecological


CONCRETE-FLOOR Paint is used for decorative and protective painting:

  • Floors indoors and outdoors
  • Concrete floors:

         – External concrete elements e.g., sidewalks in a home garden

         – Concrete screeds

         – New and renovatable concrete surfaces

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly clean the painted surface from dust, dirt, and residues of old coatings.
Apply to clean, dry, and degreased surfaces.
Any defects in the painted surface should be filled and smoothed with sandpaper.
To reduce absorbency, prime the surface with a primer emulsion such as Grunt MIX.

Application Method:

Mix the paint thoroughly before use.
Apply the first coat using a roller/brush or spray and allow it to dry – drying time is approximately 2 hours.
Spread evenly to achieve a uniform coating.
Apply the second coat using a roller/brush or spray and allow it to dry – drying time is approximately 2 hours.

Initial strength – 24 hours. Full strength – 7 days.


Up to 12 m²/liter with a single coat (coverage depends on the absorbency and type of substrate, as well as the application method).

  • Ashy
  • Graphite
  • Chocolate
  • Black 

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